Senior Data Scientist    |    October 2018 - Current

Building a SaaS product for cargo flows (ETA prediction) and Demand Forecasting (Air and Sea).

Hands-on (python): interpretable machine learning, time series forecasting at scale, unsupervised learning

Team management: have been leading data science team at the company. Managing the team of 4, have mentored several interns over time.

Project management: Executed projects, trials, and POCs with some of the leading freight forwarders, manufacturers, cargo carriers, and shipping companies that have contributed towards overall ARR.

1. Container Visibility
Demand Forecasting
3. Tech Blog


Senior Data Scientist    |    July - September 2018

Data Scientist      |      January - June 2018

Associate Data Scientist     |    August 2016 - December 2017

Have been part of an early-stage team that delivered for the first client of noodle.ai. The team dealt with social network big data (in range of TBs). Built, evaluated, and shipped recommendation system.

Developed a composite index and a risk engine as hedging tools to address the problem of raw material price volatility. link

Developed a demand prediction engine for a Private Jet airline. link

- Helped the pre-sales team to pitch ideas, in preparing demos
- Prepared training materials
- Product development
- Mentored interns, new hires

Cisco Systems

Software Engineer II    |    July 2014 - July 2016

Wrote code for various modules of Next Generation FireWall including NAT, DHCP, Syslog
Design, Sustenance, Unit and Integration testing

Addressed high severity customer queries and issues

Collaborated with network security research teams to identify, implement data science use-cases (Malware classification, integrating machine learning based IPS etc. - github)

Prepared Internal surveys that help executives make decisions

Part of ThingQbator (IoT makerspace)

Publication: Super-fast parallel eigenface implementation on GPU for face recognition

Master of Technology, Software Engineering (GPA-9.5)
VJTI, Mumbai University, India

Bachelor of Engineering, Computer Engineering (GPA - 8.5)
Gujarat University, India

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